Freedom of Speech...Right???

Remember when Joy Villa wore that Make America Great Again dress to the Grammy’s? I didn't know this young lady at that time but she's definitely gained some fame in my household since then. Not only because I do not agree with her political views, but I also thought her idea of expressing said political views in Liberal-ass Los Angeles was essentially career suicide. She was trending everywhere afterward, the subject of so much love and hate at the same time it was dizzying. The resulting microscope she’s now going to have to get used to living under is, and will forever be, considered a result of that decision to exercise her Freedom of Speech.

Remember Lady Gaga wearing her dinner? Lil’ Kim forgetting the rest of her outfit at the 1999 MTV Music Awards? Or Rihanna, doing her best to force the organizers of the CFDA Awards Show’s hand in instituting a dress code?

You know how awards shows tend to give famous people carte blanche to act a fool?

To be clear, each of these women had every right to express her beliefs. Freedom of Speech, bro. But Freedom of Speech does not remove you from backlash or, you know, other people’s Freedom of Speech. The First Amendment is supposed to a be an equalizer for all inhabitants of this country to utilize.

Simply put:

You say (or do) some dumb shit, and I’m allowed to tell you that what you just said (or did) was some dumb shit…

You say (or do) some smart shit, and I’m allowed to tell you that what you just said (or did) was some smart shit…


Which then leads me to the last few weeks and the walking contradiction that is Milo Yiannopoulos: the homosexual, conservative, catholic, and, put nicely, pedophilia sympathizer.

(From here on we’ll refer to him as Milo).

In my opinion (remember, first amendment rights!), Milo has always been an avid sayer of stupid shit. He’s like that one token white friend you have in your group who starts rocking back-to-front snap-backs and suddenly becomes the biggest hip-hop head you know. Milo appears to take up the mantle of that one outspoken homosexual conservative who just has to take things a step further to prove a point. Essentially fighting against, seemingly, his own cause. Sort of like the Uncle Ruckus of Conservatism.

But, Freedom of Speech, bro! The man is allowed to say his crazy shit. However baseless and offensive it is. Because once kept under the guise of Free Speech, any rebuttals that follow will be judged and analyzed within the same arena. There should be no way in hell that this man causes a riot, outbreak, or revolt when he speaks at a public educational institution. Yea that’ll be you Cal-Berkeley. Those actions now take the fight against people such as Milo into another, more dangerous, arena.

Our avid sayer of stupid shit has recently received the boot, shaft, or whatever you’d like to call it, because some stupid shit he said a little while back was recorded and recently released. See? Freedom of Speech. Keep saying stupid shit and we’re all allowed to check you on it.

I get it, fellow millennials, we may not always agree with what is being said and done. And yes, demonstrations are needed and supported by yours truly. But let’s not render our arguments invalid by breaking the rules of the very system we’re trying to defend. If you’re allowed to wear apparently whatever you like on the red carpet, because well, we can all bombast you for it afterward, then you should most certainly be able to say whatever you’d like, because we can all get at you later for it.

Exhibit A: Milo. The chickens always come home to roost. =)