She Inspires Me

As I get older, and hopefully closer to starting a family, I’ve realized that the idea of how to properly raise a child is becoming a far more daunting task than I’d imagined. Trying to come to terms with the lessons I’ll be required to teach, the resources I’ll be looked at to provide, and the intuition I’ll be expected to possess for my seed one day, flat out scares me.

And then I think about the ones who administered the lessons I needed to learn, provided the resources I needed in order to succeed, and possessed the intuition necessary for them to understand when to meet me halfway and when to challenge me. Damn near all of these people were women.

Many of these women were single parents playing the role of both mother and father. They learned on the job how to reach out to the adolescent mind of a young black male. They taught me how to play sports, fly a kite, tie my shoelaces, ride a bike, groom myself, cook, clean, take care of myself. Held my hand when they needed to, and let me fight my own battles when I needed to.

When my time comes to be the “man of the house,” it will be a woman who’d be responsible for the foundation I will lay. When my time comes to be good husband, loving father, and faithful confidant, it will be a woman who’d be responsible for the character I exude. And when my time comes to make a difference in my community, it will be a woman who’d have planted the seed of inspiration.

They say that behind every man there's a strong woman. Well I look back on how I got to where I am today and I realize that there’s an army of women supporting me. Always have been. So naturally, on International Women’s Appreciation Day, I had to take the time out to thank them and I hope they realize the inspiration they were able to provide to that young kid is now the fire that fuels me.