Lavar ball is the father of three immensely talented young boys, including Lonzo Ball, collegiate basketball star at UCLA. All three have taken the basketball world by storm over the last year, due to their talent, but also in large part to the mouth on their father. He's marketed the hell of his kids, even going so far as to create Big Baller Brand that he hopes will one day compete with the likes of Nike and Adidas. To say that this man stands behind his kids is an understatement - But dammit you gotta know when to stop.

At first it was funny: “Lavar Ball says he would’ve killed Michael Jordan one-on-one .” Cute.

Then it got amusing: “Lavar Ball believes sons are worth $1 billion shoe deal.” Cool.

Then it got uncomfortable. His back-and-forth with LeBron James over LeBron’s kids’ futures. Oh boy.

And now it's downright ignorant and flagrantly unacceptable: “Lavar Ball: UCLA lost because of ‘3 white guys’ who were too slow.”

Lavar has every right to be proud of his boys. Shit, they're his sons. But his mouth will hurt them. More importantly his mouth will hurt black fathers and sons out there.


Because it's obvious that society views black fathers and men through a lens that is clouded with ignorance. That's a sad fact of life but it's a hand that we've been dealt. Comments like this is not helpful to quenching these issues we all face as black men. It doesn't help us and, as a matter of fact, in a world where ignorance judges us unfairly, these comments hurt us.

I don't condone, agree with, nor stand by, those comments. They harm a lot of the good that can be accomplished by having an example of a present black father, who Mr. Ball is, because they fan the flames of the cards that are already stacked against us all. They reek of ignorance. 

I didn't make the rules. But I understand that each and every day, I represent everyone else who looks like me. It shouldn't be this way, but shit, it is. And I hope Mr. Ball would see it that way. Because I'm sure we'd be more appreciative of him for the amazing sons he's raised.