Colin - pt. 1

Everyone, meet Colin. Colin is (was) a quarterback in the National Football League. Colin can throw a football really, really well. Colin even led his team to the Super Bowl. But Colin is currently unemployed. As a matter of fact, Colin may never throw a football ever again. Why? Because Colin took a stand, by taking a knee, and now if any team were to sign Colin they're going to have to deal with...well they’re going to have to deal with a lot:

The media.

People with political affiliations.

People with philosophical opinions.

Interest groups.

Oh and of course, OUR President =).

See Colin woke up one day and decided the time was right for him to use his platform as an NFL player to bring awareness to the people in this country who aren't allowed the freedoms that, he believes, are promised by United States Constitution, Flag, and Anthem.

Although I admittedly wasn’t too fond of the way he did it at first, I eventually came around to supporting him for two reasons: A -- He is (was) an NFL player. Where else are all eyes going to be on him, than when he’s actually on the field? And B -- Uhhh...he’s not wrong. I could place a list here of all the unarmed black people killed by police over the last 4 years, but that wouldn’t be some sort of brand new development, now would it?

I searched, and haven't found any quotes from Colin claiming he “hates America”. Nor have I found any of him saying that “he doesn't support our troops”. So where does this notion come from that, through his stance, he is anti-American? That he doesn't support our troops? That he hates law enforcement?

“It's not that! He's actually not a good quarterback.”


16 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, in 11 games. These aren't amazing numbers but my fellow New York Jets just signed this guy:


Meet Josh. Josh has been a career backup. Josh has a pathetic winning record (18 wins & 42 losses!!!), career statistics, never throwing for more than 14 touchdowns in a season. He is also 37. Josh is expected to be given a chance to win the starting position at quarterback for the Jets. You're really trying to tell me that Josh McCown is a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick? Stop it. Now.

NFL owners should just come clean. They don't care about where their players come from. They don't care about their socio-economic background. They don't care about their views on society and how it's shaped by the environments that forced them to become modern day gladiators as a means to escape their skewed, harsh, reality. They don’t care that when these players see someone who looks like themselves, their kids, or their little nieces or nephews being treated unfairly, that it strikes close to home.

“We pay you millions to throw that football, Colin. Shut up, nigga. Just play football.”  
Since we're putting words into mouths. Let me extend the honor right back. =)