Sipping My Tea & Thinking

Every time I see a breaking news story flash across my iPhone I know someone out there is struggling to blink away the dollar signs stuck to their eyelids. 


The media is full of shit. Of course, there are honest people out there who objectively report the goings-on in the world. But for every honest man or woman with a microphone in their hand, camera in their face, there’s a Rupert Murdoch lurking in the shadows looking to get their comeuppance. They use fear, they pander to the ignorant, and they abuse subjectivity.  

Nowadays, almost every news provider you can think of has an angle that they exploit in order to attract their target market. Why? Business, baby. Once you find that market, you feed it like the gluttonous pig it is. Sure enough viewers start returning for more of the same shit they went looking for in the first place. The more viewers you have on a given night, the more ad revenue comes in the door. 


But what if the viewer doesn’t want to be told otherwise? What if their opinions align with the opinions being told to them on the television? What if the person on the television knows that?


 It’s this way of thinking that has left the door opened for black men to be easily labeled as “thugs,” and for violent radical Islamic operatives to labeled as “terrorist” while [ahem] people like Dylann Roof or James Holmes were merely “misunderstood.”


“But you’re not like the rest of them…”



See what I’m saying here? Confirmation bias has slowly become the most lethal weapon of our day. It’s the most commonly tool utilized by those who’ve established the market for the current events we experience and talk about daily.

It’s the reason why Breitbart News published a report on Alton Sterling’s previous run-ins with the law. It’s the reason why Philando Castille’s killing was defended by The Conservative Tree House, arguing that he was a suspect in an attempted robbery investigation. It’s the reason why Geraldo Rivera attempted to place blame on Trayvon Martin’s hoodie for his own death. Not the media necessarily, but remember the Hillary Clinton “Super Predator” labeling of black youth?

It’s a damn shame that the term “fake news” didn’t mean so much until CNN and the Trump Pee-Hooker-Hotel story. But then again, I’m not an idiot, and neither are you. If it weren’t for his bank account and his [ahem] pristine complexion, Donny wouldn’t have been able hide behind this term for every single accusation tossed at his feet.

Apparently that privilege isn’t awarded to the thugs and the terrorists.