The Most Dangerous Man

A lot can be said about someone who came from nothing, to not only rise to the pinnacle of their profession, but who also brought along their closest confidants in the process. Who never forgot where they came from, and the duty they have to give back to the community that raised them. In a way, I aspire to be LeBron James. I aspire to achieve greatness in my own right, while inspiring others to come along for the journey and do the same.

But unfortunately there’s a section of this country that will always view me as a nigger. They will never acknowledge my accomplishments because, in their mind, my skin color is reflective of my status beneath them. And there’s always going to be someone who looks like me, talks like me, and who claims to represent me, who will jump at the chance to defend this point of view. The ‘Token Black Friend’ will proudly, through their words and actions, they look to diminish the plight of the people who look just like them.

How a person (a black person!!) could proudly refute claims of racism against the perpetrator who spray painted “nigger” on the gate of a black person’s home because that homeowner is rich is beyond understanding. I struggle to reconcile with the logic.

But there’s no reason to try to reconcile with the ignorance. No effort should be wasted on making sense of someone who is willing to defend our place at the bottom of the social ladder. Because those people don’t speak for us. They don’t represent us. They will never be the type of people to look back at where they came from to create the change they’d like to see in the world.

Instead, they will actively seek to put down and diminish their own people in the name of transparency. For the benefit of making a dollar.

But I dare say, keep their mics on. Let them speak. But respond appropriately. Because we are not debating the person, we're fighting for the sake of our humanity. For our place at the table. Respond in the same venues, using the same mediums that they use. Because we need their audience to see this shit. Meet them in their battlefield and stand your ground. Because history is on our side. More than ever before we are equipped to handle this. And we will. Because, if allowed to proceed unchecked, they pose the most danger to us.