Having Some Fun: Greatest Anime Bust

Let me tell you about the biggest disappointment not discussed enough. Seriously, I think Kwame Brown can now sleep at night. Because Gohan may just be the greatest bust ever in the history of shit we don’t really need to be talking about, but since you’re like me and you like to think of pointless shit at times, you’re still reading!

So, seriously how does this:

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

Become this:

Gohan Saiyaman

The story is devastating to write, ‘cause dammit what should’ve been.

His dad, Goku (though let's be real, Piccolo raised him), might just be the equivalent of Michael Jordan in the folklore of anime fans. As a kid he battled the likes of Vegeta, the Ginu Force, and even Frieza and managed to hold his own! By the time he hit his teenage years he was that high school prospect who mysteriously showed up to school in a Porsche. The next great thing…dare I say LeBron James level high school hype.

Yes, I just created a world where Michael Jordan is LeBron James’ daddy. Sure beats Delonte West though, doesn’t it?

Except instead of becoming the anime version LeBron James -- you know, physical specimen whose once-in-a-generation physical gifts puts him in a class of his own, though not above Michael...who in this case is his daddy -- he became Reggie Bush.

Forgive the change in sport, but I REEAAALLLYYY needed that to set up my next point.

Like Reggie, he falls for the girl whose father gains fame and notoriety off of a lie (we all know OJ did it). And like Reggie he’s never the same after meeting her. Like Reggie he also is always revered for the talent he possesses but never delivers after meeting said girl. And like Reggie he’s known for doing the never-before-seen: he beat Cell with one hand...one hand!

But I digress. We're not here to compare Videl to Kim Kardashian...though I enjoy looking at the parallels. 

I'm just saying, I'm here watching these young prospects realize their dreams and I can't help but think that one of them might just be Gohan...don't be Gohan, or rather, Saiyaman.