Written while blasting “Used to This”...because why not? That song is inspirational as f**k.

Ever wondered what separates the dreamers from the achievers? Ever wondered what the hell your boss figured out that got him to where he’s at? This isn’t a question of opportunity -- say the janitor versus the CEO -- because that is often a difference between two individuals, their socio-economic backgrounds, and the chances they are provided. This is a question of inspiration, and the lack thereof.

They say that true inspiration comes from within. Which I believe to be true, but I am also willing to argue that inspiration is a manifestation of the environment we find ourselves in. That if inundated with thought-provoking conversations predicated around analytical reasoning and with honest and actionable solutions, (as opposed to focusing on the hypothetical and sensational) the typical person will be constantly, although passively, exposed to inspiration.

It’s the love of inspiration that draws me towards the story behind those who have succeeded in achieving their dreams. No matter who they are, I’m a sucker for the “how I got here” of the rich and famous. From 50 Cent’s mixtape hustle to Michael Bloomberg’s white collar rise and eventual takeover, and hell, even the stories of those still in midst of their rise (shout out to Gary Vee!).

I’ve found that the one common denominator those who are now successful possessed as they made their way through their trials and tribulations, and eventually towards their fortune, was belief in themselves. Belief in their product, in their service, in themselves. Then came the planning. Next, the execution. But first and foremost, they established the inspiration needed to grab the bull by the horns.

The love for inspiration is why I will always support my friends and family as they embark on ventures of their own. Inspiration is infectious. It’s contagious. A lot can be said about the person that believes in the idea that you have a right to bet on yourself, build your dream, establish your destiny, chase your wild rabbit. The courage this takes is inspiring.

If you disagree with the premise -- that hard work and motivation and eventual success is born from inspiration -- and somehow managed to make it all the way through this entire post, you're probably just a Kardashian =).