Celebrities & Us

By Marlon Dundas


Question: Why do we lose our shit over the things celebrities do with their personal lives?

Beyonce got pregnant and people lost their shit. Tom Brady displayed a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker and people lost their shit. Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon...HARD...and people lost their shit. Justin Bieber spent his money like a crazy rich millennial -- because he’s a crazy rich millennial -- and people lost their shit.

I’m not saying that any of these are OK. Actually, I'm just trying to walk in the middle of the road here. The question of the day is, “If someone happens to be extremely good at something, whether it be in the performing arts, sports, or hell, even just being famous *coughKimKardashiancough*, do we have to hold them to a high standard of living?”

LeBron James chose to leave Cleveland for Miami in 2009. As a result, grown ass men who chose to buy James’ (a grown ass man) Cleveland Cavaliers basketball jerseys decided to publicly burn those jerseys because they weren’t happy with his decision. They actually took time out of their day to gather and burn their LeBron James basketball jerseys. Not saying that this was stupid (yes I am) but as Eddie Griffin put it, “He dribble, he dunk….Yay!” I’m pretty sure no one’s financial, socio-economical situation changed after “The Decision.”

Tom Brady decides to display a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker and cries to boycott the Patriots ran amok in social media circles. Hey, I’m no Tom Brady fan, not by a long-shot. As a matter of fact, I hate all teams from Boston, and in this order, from least to most hated:

  1. Bruins -- I don’t watch hockey, but nevertheless, they’re from Boston. So yea...

  2. Celtics -- Usually hate them every year. Can’t explain why, except that they’re from Boston. So um, yea.

  3. Red Sox -- I’m a Yankees fan. So no further explanation needed. These guys can kiss my ass.

  4. Patriots -- Tom Brady is a great player, but the fact that he plays for this team, in this town, with their “Patriot Way,” and the Sith Lord as their head coach, (and they always win!) I really don’t like this team. Not as a staff, label, or m*********ing crew.

I’m a Boston Hater! Sue me.

But, at the end of the day, Brady puts on a tight pair of pants, shoulder pads and a helmet. He then throws a pigskin to another grown man in a tight pair of pants, shoulder pads, and a helmet. I don’t give a damn who he supports politically. There will be no impact on my life due to his political affiliations. Sallie Mae will still own my life regardless of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Record!

But sadly not a lot of people share this opinion of celebrities and athletes. Sadly, there are people out there who are looking for their favorite athlete, singer, or whatever to embrace a certain political figure and align with certain social causes. And those political figures have noticed that. Don’t believe me? Have you seen the Party Conventions and the numerous campaign trail rallies?

Seemingly whoever was famous and wanted to speak got the gig. I mean, Dana White?! The guy who makes money off of people getting punched in the face?

Duck Dynasty?!

They hunt ducks!



But they’re famous and, well, Trump won. So, guess Hillary should’ve gotten Jordan instead of LeBron? Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Then there’s the other side of this argument. Taylor Swift.

Poor Taylor.

Never thought I’d say that…

The poor girl managed to remain relatively silent during this past election, but has received quite a bit of criticism for her in-activism. To be fair, she has spoken out in favor of women’s rights in the past. Even referring to herself as a feminist. Buuuuut activism isn’t exactly something you can shy away from once you’ve publicly embrace it, especially in an election year.  

This is a “chicken or the egg” scenario: Is it up to celebrities to tone down the political activism? You know, since they’re not really politicians and most actually aren’t too well informed? Or should we just not take them seriously, therefore rendering any political stances taken by them invalid and thus, they won’t end up on stage with Hillary?

I vote for the latter. The ball is in our court: Let’s cut this shit out.