WouldYaLookAtThat?! Millennials & Politics

Why not? Let’s talk some politics.


Have you ever realized that politically charged conversations make you wanna jump across that table and head kick that conservative/liberal in their crooked/beautiful teeth? Tired of being generalized because your of beliefs, age, race, gender? Well holy shit do I have a story for you!

Today, I had the pleasure of discussing the beautiful clusterfuck that we live in. A conservative and a liberal (both millennials!) sat down and shared their points of views...and...no...punches.




OK let’s deconstruct this shit for the old folks:

So you know millennials, right? Soft. Entitled. Think they're God’s gifts to the earth. “Believe in yourself!” “Love yourself!” “If I can’t do it then who will?!” Yup them… well two of them (three, including me) sat down and were like, “Here’s what I think. Tell me what you think.”

Translation for the young, dumb, and stupid:

A “grab em’ by the pussy”-er and an “I’m with Her”-er (although neither really endorsed either) looked each in the eye and said, “let’s figure this shit out.” And no one screamed “WORLDSTAR!”

So, what happened? Shit, they talked, man. Said some shit. But it was amazing to watch. Two perspectives were presented and they actually gave each other the opportunity to state the facts as it appears to them as an individual of a certain ideal system.

And they were women…



Lesson of the day, though it hurts. Try to give em’ a chance. (I italicized that shit, I don’t wanna hear it!)