Get Out There & Try Something New

Here are some things you need to know about me:

1.     I’m from the suburbs.

2.     I don’t like nature.

3.     If the zombie apocalypse was an actual imminent concern, I would probably be the first casualty.

I went to a lake this weekend. I don’t know much about lakes, beyond all the names of the Great Lakes and the plot points of the Lake Placid movies. I’ve never wanted to swim in a lake, mostly because I watched a lot of House when I was younger and it gave me mild hypochondria so I figured that I should stay away from them. At this lake was a wonderful cabin, with impeccable décor and its own dock. I went canoeing around the lake, which was invigorating and empowering all at once. I also went West, which is a part of this damned country that is almost imaginary to me because it seems so far away. (It was a different time zone!) These are all things that I’ve never done before, that I have experienced for the first time at the ripe old age of 23. And I can tell you that it was a pretty cool feeling.

Although I am not the most nature savvy person and I am very afraid of spiders, I had an extremely relaxing time at a cabin on a lake in a state I’d never been to. I attempted to turn my brain off during that time and it mostly listened. I brought my computer but ended up just letting it die. I played Trivial Pursuit and learned a bunch of random facts about countries that don’t even exist anymore. I played Scrabble extremely well while high on Benadryl and solved a 1,000-piece puzzle in just a few hours (honestly I’m not a lot of fun). I went swimming in the lake and paddled a canoe and randomly did deadlifts one morning. Most of it was brand new, and the rest was stuff that I hadn’t done in a while. It was a nice, happy combination of chilling out and being scared shitless. You might be asking why I went in the first place (besides the fact that my friend is an angel). The answer is that Southwest Airlines had a sale, I was employed at the time and I have a shopping problem. 

From now on, I’m pledging to do new things more often. Not only did that weekend calm me down, it also inspired me to do shit. As I’m dealing with the monotony of unemployment, constantly applying for jobs and worrying about my financial instability, I think it would help my brain to simply do something new once in a while. It’s challenging and exciting and even if it disrupts my day for just a little bit, it could make my routine far more bearable. This past weekend made me realize that I don’t need to fly 3 hours west to do activities that push my boundaries. I don’t need a cabin and a lake to be adventurous. I can do that right here in Brooklyn and probably for a fraction of the price of the plane ticket (and ideally, for free). While my life is far from exciting or interesting or even remotely daring, those reckless and bold experiences aren’t miles away.

So if you feel like you’re falling into a void of meaninglessness and melancholia, do something you’ve never done before. Be spontaneous. Again, I would recommend canoeing

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