Podcast Takeaway: The Millennial Perspective, Oct. '17 in Review

Sometimes things go off the rails. Last Friday, November 7th, I recorded the October edition of the Millennial Perspective with my co-host Brittany Davidson, and special guest and host of the Elijah Taylor Podcast, Elijah Taylor. For those who don’t know, The Millennial Perspective is a monthly segment of The Beautiful Minds Podcast where Brittany and I, accompanied by a special guest, discuss burning topics from the previous month. Essentially, a month-in-review.

While these topics are epic conversation starters, they can also cause participants to go off topic and be a bit more polarizing than intended - which is great for creating content. This podcast is supposed to lend the perspective of a generation to the listening public, not to incite negativity, but to offer a wholehearted reaction to the implications of last month’s current events and how they align with the spirit of The Beautiful Minds and it’s quest to create and highlight changemakers.

When I conceived the idea for this podcast segment, I thought it best to use a neutral tone. Why? Well if you, the listener, just so happens to disagree with my point, and I just so happen to use a “combative” tone, you’re reaction may be to not only disagree with me, you may also be inclined to greet my perspective with the same energy.

However, we’re not here for a war-of-words. That goes against the fabric of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Nevertheless, as you listen to this episode, forgive my tone in responding to the opposition of the so-called, “anthem protest” in sports. While I do not agree with a lot of the criticism heaped on protesters, my defense of their purpose - and subsequent attack on their opponents - needed to be more polished and better relayed to listeners.

Lesson learned. This episode’s takeaway: maintain composure when discussing difficult topics.

Here’s the episode in all it’s glory!