Chester Bennington & the Pain Behind the Music

When I first read the news on Twitter, I wouldn’t allow myself to attempt to comprehend what was going through the mind of Chester Bennington when he saw suicide as an appropriate end to his life. I mean, he had the life many  of us dream we could have: he had a fantastic talent, a devout fanbase who adored him for that talent, he had the money, he had the awards, the notoriety. What else could you ask for?

But then I realized something that my fanatic relationship with Linkin Park may have prevented me from coming to terms with.

Chester Bennington lived in pain. And he told us all about it throughout his career in almost all of his songs. He didn’t have it all like so many are claiming on social media, and like I initially thought. -- Because he never escaped his demons. -- He used his shortcomings and his faults as a man, a person, a citizen of society to catapult himself into stardom. But there was no running from it; that feeling of inadequacy, or pain, or loss. Everything he had: the fame, the fortune, the notoriety, was all born out of the demons that haunted the man.

The sad part for me, a fan, is that he was telling me all along, for well over a decade, and foolishly I only thought about what those lyrics meant to me. Not where they were coming from.

If you’re a fan of Chester, I encourage you to listen to your favorite Linkin Park song and hear him explain to you why we are without him today.

And if you need someone to talk to, please reach out to me: I’m no professional, but I have two ears for whomever needs them.

One of my Linkin Park favorites below:

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