On Saturday, July 22nd, The LIRR-Issued Summer of Hell Got me Good

If you're familiar with New York City you know that the MTA holds a pretty tight monopoly on your travels in, out, and around the city. Or maybe you don't know. Nor care. Because let's be honest, most New Yorkers don't give a shit about how the MTA or any organization is assembled or operated. We just want that shit to work. And if it doesn't work then we expect that shit to be fixed promptly or done away with. Especially if my God Damn Motherfucking Tax Money (GDMFTM) pays for that shit!

So I'm sitting at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York right now on a train that my GDMFTM pays for, that was supposed to leave at 4:12 but for no reason other than “Fuck You,” it has been canceled without warning. Next train leaves in 30 minutes. No reason given, because fuck your plans. Sit and wait for the next one...bitch.

So after asking a friendly looking white man for clarification on just what the fuck was going on, I found the appropriate track for the next train. Because, you know, the goddam loudspeaker doesn’t work, so no one knows what the fuck the goddam announcer is saying. Unless you approach said announcer in person to clarify the mumbling clusterfuck of words you just heard crawling through the overhead speakers.

And then the real nipple-twister of the fucking day: You'd think that after the “fuck you” of a move pulled by the so-called professional motherfuckers at the MTA, that we'd get the next ride free or some shit. Nah bruh. Mr. Conductor Man just strolled on up to me ….. “ticket please”


So not only does my GDMFTM pay for this shit but I still gotta pay each time I use it! AND IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY?!

I wish I had a job like the ones they give out at the MTA. Because they clearly don’t give a flying fuck about the reason why patrons use their services. Because they will get paid regardless. Because FUCK YOU….bitch. (that lowercase was on purpose).

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