A Pledge for My 20's: Let's Do This Together

Photo by Krista Cucarese. ( Link )

Photo by Krista Cucarese. (Link)

Ask 10 people for comment on what your 20s are for and you might get 10 different answers. You might get, “They’re for mistakes! So you better get out there and make them!” You may get, “They’re for building your wealth while you (most likely) don’t have any responsibilities” Or, “You’re a grown ass (wo)man, ain’t no time to be making stupid decisions. Even, “You’re a kid, what do you know about ‘starting a life?’”

In a way, the fact that the answer varies is both the gift and the curse about our 20s. What’s expected of us is so subjective that we are looked at as a wildcard by the rest of society, giving us free reign to pick and choose the road we’d like to take. However, should we stumble along the way, we’ll be sure to hear about it.

The answer may in fact be best given on a case-by-case basis because we don’t all share the same background after all. I, being a young black man who is trying to break out and follow his dreams, find myself combatted with the ideals of an older generation of stories and traditions threatened by the melting pot that is the United States. My 20’s so far have been filled with the repeated back-and-forth of battle between what they say and what I do.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with an amazing young woman who appears to have found herself clear of the many constructed idealisms that plague many of us in our 20’s. She has been able to envision the future she aspires to achieve. Through our chat I could surmise that she was able to reach this state of mental clarity due in large part to a fortuitous support system and a small circle of those equally motivated. Add to these factors the personality that makes her uniquely her and she seems well on her way to the end that she seeks.

Now of course, she could very well be in a way less fortunate place than her aura was evoking. If that was the case I’d still be envious.

Yea, I was jealous…Still am.

I say that half jokingly, of course. Because, of the most catalytic factors that lay in between dreams and reality, I believe that just being around those who are actively seeking to accomplish their dreams has the strongest impact on a person’s perspective. Damn near all of the well paid and successful millennials in my personal life are products of such strong foundations.

So I reflect on my life thus far. As both a pledge and an observative measure, I declare my 20’s as the time in my life to build my personal community of like-minded change-makers, each striving for change in their own way.

A community of Beautiful Minds =)

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