The Beautiful Minds

Our Story


Welcome to the home of Changemakers and Thought provokers 

We aim to do our part in making the world a better place by using the 21st Century's most compelling topics to lead detailed discussions.

Founded in January, 2017 with the inaugural blog entry, where Marlon Dundas reflected on his greatest inspiration, his mother. The piece, titled, "My Hero Wears No Cape," served as a catalyst for The Beautiful Minds' brand recognition, introducing readers to the essence of the platform.

We aim to be equal parts reflection and reporting, fully dedicated to doing good.


Our Vision

We believe that…

The successful, especially those of color and those coming from historically disenfranchised communities, have a moral responsibility to give back to the less fortunate. Furthermore, we owe it to ourselves to inspire the positive change we aim to see in the world. The catalyst for a better tomorrow lies in all of us. 


Our Mission

We aim to…

Use media to highlight ChangeMakers around us in order to inspire others to make a difference in the lives of one another. We pledge to create an open forum for ideas and thought processes, presented in a way that promotes free and open discussion. All the while maintaining our quest to create positive change.

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