Episode 23: Lakeia Brown

"You Already Are Who You Aspire To Be."

Marlon's Big Take Away:

The quote provided above by this episode’s guest, came at a time and circumstance when I needed it most. Furthermore, it also perfectly encapsulates its provider. Lakeia Brown, since we’ve been introduced to one another, has, at least to me, proven herself to be an example of how visualization can affect ones dreams and aspiration. In a world where our heroes sit at the top of their respective industries, often championing their successes as the sole validation for their methodology and thought processes, it is refreshing to gain insight into the mind of someone on the rise.

If you’re like me, you find yourself going back-and-forth with the what-ifs and the maybes while your ambitions battle inner demons, as you search for a purpose. In my young age, with all my flaws and inhibitions, I am aware enough to acknowledge that there is no one right answer, what works for one may not work for another - methods and systems are circumstantial. What's important to pass on to others is that successes begin with matching the way you think with the who you aspire to be.

I hope this conversation does for you, what it did for me.

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