Liberating 'the Other'

What beliefs have seduced the mind, the torment of an underclass, ingrained in our psyche, and once realized the world briefly shatters. However, once truly confronted, life begins anew, one’s agency is solidified, culture and identity affirmed, this is the rebirth. One shall no longer feed the machine, greasing an already slick wheel.

A lifetime of comparative coursework to their white counterparts leaves one in a peculiar state, pride only left to be salvaged! I suppose there is no Mountain without a Valley…the countless are left with a fixed eye unto an immovable shadow. Let us not hide from the uncomfortable and ugly truth that many of us have been guilty of holding ourselves up to the Other. Yet, the singular reason for such attempts is that we are two sides of the same coin, played against one another, seemingly a fate shared whilst being completely distinct.

It matters very little how the marginalized pulls oneself from the darkest corners of society. Whatever you have chosen to grasp, hold it dear, for it surpasses justification, embrace your ticket because the cost has been our bodies, only thing asked of you is for it to be fulfilled absent of harm.  Naturally, boots belong to the ground, not on the necks of kin, one should do their best to avoid detachment from humanity. I surely found my compass, I took to the path and never looked back! Education was my vice, seemingly misguided given it's institutionalized racist nature. Still, what power and knowledge it has guided me to. What splendor to see the world for the first time, a mute finding his voice, may I rest easy now, the struggle has been had.

One cannot simply walk through this world as a Black body and chase self-gain for the sake of group empowerment, you are cultured and with that comes a history marred by struggle, if not remembered and respected, you've certainly failed, not just yourself but your past and future. Reasons I care not to taste, while sweet to you, its poison to the whole, often said, that it was earned solely on your own merits, I guess such merits were not privileged on the backs of those before you? To be a capitalist, is to be against justice and its innumerable identities, I would question your ability to sleep at night, but I know you have been in a slumber for quite some time.

Fracture within the black community conveyed and dragged through classism, colorism, cementing the capitalist, and exonerating him in the same breath. What should we, and I say we as a collective body, do moving forward? What does that mean for one’s agency, is there a sacrifice when a group progresses into a collective consciousness? Looking to the past or history offer us nothing more than reminders that this has never been done before. To seek new society, one must break ground, look beyond the universe of possibles, you must journey through the dark to find the light.

To the doubters of the mission, I can imagine nearly 400 years ago, many under the irons of slavery feared a life of generational bondage or I suppose, many never envisioned a life beyond that burdensome day... Yet, many fail to realize that it only takes one idea, such an idea can rip the mind to pieces but can be the genesis to an enlightened consciousness. It is that state we must fall into, we’ve starved enough, our thirst can no longer be satiated by sprinkles of opportunities, such access is demeaning and sub-sufficient. The materials possessed are mere illusions, it will never soothe the insecurities incepted from the oppressor nor recapture the agency lost when the ships touched the coasts of Africa. There is no amount of capital that will make you freer than those in chains, the mind, even less because it is no longer pure.

I will certainly admit, It is stunningly hard to unite a people when some are in a state of perpetual crisis,  awfully difficult when differing experiences clouds a common destiny. However, we cannot achieve national solidarity, much less global, until Black solidarity is achieved within the many communities spread across this nation. Seemingly a Sisyphean task,  this answer alludes me, probably because such grand inquires take an entire diaspora to give it proper thought.