In the Land of Women

Who holds the pen, holds the power. Daniel Moynihan’s 1963 report, The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, perpetuated a false narrative, one that continues to haunt urban black life. Moynihan’s analysis charged female headed-families and out-of-wedlock births for inequalities throughout black communities, pacifying the built-in inequities of capitalism: propagating myths about the black family, hailing black men as a patriarch while forsaking economic opportunities for black women. Oh, to be so perched in White Supremacist patriarchal comfort, yet be so extraordinarily mistaken.

I have witnessed the extraordinary, true sight has rendered those narratives impotent. Women in my family have done the incredible, scaling a mountain from the Valley, with only hands for tools; education was limited, a modicum of capital, and the scarcity of resources has only added to the legend. My grandmother and her daughters came to America with the hope for greener pastures, however, it was the nightmares which stroked the flames of a perpetual struggle, a world like the one before, unforgiving to women. Life has robbed them of their own desires, forcing them tough, yet compassion rode their naked backs, demonstrating their multidimensionality. Each playing key roles in raising my generation of offspring, a bill only justified by chasing our dreams.  While sacrifices unfortunately became the norm, a village was constructed. Embodying a family, where all was shared, a citadel against poverty of the spirit, the mind should never be poisoned!

What truths never uttered, yet it pulsates in silence, embodying a woman’s journey.

I cannot imagine the countless things that are never said. I am sorry and I will continue to apologize until this world frees you from its unfair burdens.  I long for the day women will exhale without the weight of patriarchy cutting short their onerous breath. What we ask of you is monstrous; such crimes are incorrigible, no inhumane… Words will never sew the wounds of women, only action can right the foreseeable wrongs. For men, your time is up! She is more than a sister, greater than a mother, the excuses bore me still. Power often deafens Man to the cries of oppression; onus becomes the oppressed, alas both victim and savior. What folly it would be to convey to you what it is like to be a woman, yet I am in awe of their capacity for the unimaginable, a power to eclipse barriers and reshape the cosmos.

Tales expelled about women can no longer pervert my mind, for I am awake, and the power of its reach resides in the unconscious world. Remarks regurgitated to inflict harm, such as “you're acting like a woman” or “that's what women do”, have exhumed the grave of a fleeting power, illuminating insecurities and ignorance. Venomous words meant to maim thy spirit has only nourished the soul and resolve. Empowering the beneficiary, with the highest of compliments; strength, compassion, and spectrums of intelligence. The ability to conquer struggle to make it appear as simple as breathing.

Men, Do not be on the wrong side of history, the screams of the struggle shall ensure your demise. The power of women should not make you cower in fear, masculinity that fragile will only preserve your incompleteness as a human.  Your response to the movement will determine your placement within the new society, fear it not, equality will flow throughout its veins.

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