The Matriarchy

Growing up in a family filled with women, I have seen the unfortunate and transient nature of men, no matter how true it may seem, I do not believe such characterizations lays within melaninated communities.  Ultimately, it is a luxury afforded to the patriarch, Fight me! Thus, I owe it to women, the deeply rooted, those bearing the weight, to be constant and more than present.  Here’s the bill...

Grandma was boss, owning a few tenements back in Jamaica, tapping into her feminist ethos. She is the most compelling person I know, governed by her own consciousness, which was out of the grasps of Man, not even her husband could alter it, knowing early on that the shadows was not for her.  Coming to America before her daughters, she attacked the workforce with a Jordanesque NBA Finals focus.  After a few years, she was able to finance her daughters’ move to the States. Taking after their mother, there was a fierceness to these young women, having absorbed the worlds shit to exert it back accordingly.  These women will give you the skin off their backs, painfully caring.

Society has made sacrifice all too familiar for women; missing work to care for a child, working double shifts to come home and ensure food was available, erecting shields against external forces.  Willingly embracing the struggle so a child could attend a school beyond their ability to afford, yet these little miracles were happening every day.

The daughters had daughters, each exposed to gender specific pressures, to dance with their own personal burdens, weighing on the body and spirit. Still, that gravity did not frustrate their capacity; they are whole in theory and application, demanding respect. Better come correct in the presence of these Queens, Yaasss! Their Achievements have filled the desires of past generations, Dreams were willed and beaten into submission, and their power is palpable.  I marvel at what greatness I have witnessed.

Such as a mother, our family’s Bastion, has skillfully attacked motherhood and womandom with great finesse and precision, exemplifying the ability to have it all.  Her sureness of who she is has dripped down to those after her. I am fascinated by her power and wisdom, a person whose words are married to meaning and carries extraordinary weight.   Born with the ability to speak life into dying dreams, inspiring those touched by her beauty.

Her sister, whose boldness has caused fissures in patriarchy, forcing one to reshape their thinking of women, all while professionally fucking shit up.   As daring as she is resolute, her will perceives no bounds, her range extends beyond the stars, greatness shall be her lifelong infliction. Oh, and she’ll bust your ass in basketball too; give you them buckets, bro.

My cousin, a 90’s R&B expert, who’s savvy as fuck, her accomplishments has only solidified her folklore, give her a chance and she’ll have your job.  Innovation is her monster and the world shall inherit its results. Fit to lead, her brilliance cannot be replicated for it was gifted to her and her alone.

A slightly younger cousin, arguably the most talented person I know, who will undoubtedly leave a mark within a rigid fashion industry, of course the melanin will be too much. Her creativity is immaculate, her capacity is limitless, please recognize her grandeur, otherwise it will be your greatest mistake!

I am lucky to be surrounded by these women, and the many others, leaving me with no option to be anything of comparison to the oppressor, I must be better!