Perspectives: Rebuttal

This is a response to a previous entry by Marlon Dundas.

We are in agreeance, brother.

I see great value in respecting the freedoms of perspective, I wish the world offered me that comfort, I'll gladly lay in it's garden. Yet, my values and morals gon’ accept this betrayal.

I believe we should be careful not to provide excuse to the perpetrator, whose experience may be so great that it blinds them to diverse realities, wherein others on the opposite side of the coin may find it painfully unfair and ferocious. Freedoms are often abused, and such liberties can offer a man too much space to play in the domain of dignity. Departed becomes decency, deprived of life, not even referenced as a pastime. I want to respect differing a champion of varying experiences. But nah, that is a dangerous game to be played.

Influence coalesced with dangerous views of the world can be damaging, even catastrophic. I cannot respect any lens rooted in bigotry or intolerance, no matter what!

Freedoms of speech and thought halt once the breath reaches injustice. I believe respecting someone's perspective or opinion will not set us free, it forces one to pacify the bigot, a weight I care not to bare. Such comfort should never be afforded to the undeserving. Consciousness is shaped by the environment, foreign realities can dizzy a person's soul, cognitive dissonance overcomes the body.

Privilege is not immune to perspective; it blinds it, disfiguring the senses. I find that many are unable to envision what they do not see. Webs of struggle can only be understood by those tied to it's silk. The closer someone gets to struggle, the more tragic his or her perception of it becomes. How can you perceive the struggle, if its presence obscures your senses?

This is not to say that people cannot acquaint themselves with struggle. This is where connections find their greatest value. Isolation breeds ignorance, and I fear such segregation has more to do with the mind as it does the body.

To answer your question, yes, our experiences influence how we see the world, playing a fundamental role in our decision-making; the good and the very evil. I feel that for the enslaved souls from my community playing on the periphery, renouncing the rule of laws, are in fact guided by their unique relationship with an unjust world. A world where the game is rigged, the alienated becomes narrowly focused on getting to the “bag” (Capital) by any means.  

I mean...we do live in a society where multiple systems of oppression are at work, if you don’t believe that kick rocks my dude! But this is all just my perspective and so I gladly accept my wrong assertions. Seriously, am I wrong? Let your boy know.