The Consciousness of Responsibility

Responsibility will mellow and sober the youth and prepare them, for the burden they must discharge.
— Mahatma Gandhi

When I was 13 years old I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, one that would change the way I viewed the world and shape the way I decided to live my life thereafter. More importantly, it connected me with a certain level of consciousness that, I believe, will someday change the world.

This same conscience is what drove me to create the The Beautiful Minds platform. It has revealed and bolstered my feeling of responsibility to do what I can to “paying it forward,” when it comes to helping others make their mark on the world.

I put this burden on myself because I understand that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the good deeds of others. From the moment I realized that I was blessed to have the ears and the hearts of those willing to impart their wisdom and experiences on my blossoming youth, I found myself searching for ways to do what I can for those around me. My conscience revealed that every moment is greater when it inspires others.

I’ll speak for myself and anyone who shares in this consciousness; everything I do, with the knowledge and resources that have led to me being here, can and will impact the lives of those close to me. My being is to serve; my family, my community, and those who seek to impact the greater good. I owe it to many.