Ease Your Spirit

They say that pressure makes diamonds; that the experiences make the man, so we put it on ourselves to be great, setting our goals and comparing ourselves to others. Products of the “microwave generation” we make promises we never really think through, often failing before we even get started. And, headed nowhere fast, we turn to each other for support - the blind leading the fool.

Our age, and the lack of experience that comes with it, makes us blind to the fact that there’s a process we must follow. Bumps in the road instead feel like mountains we can’t see past, we stop ourselves from going further because we don’t know any better. So here we are, filled with ambition but ignorant to the process and living life with only the destination in mind, never appreciating the journey.

I cannot tell you the amount of sleepless nights I’ve had in the last year alone. The amount of time I’ve spent in solitude, my mind a battleground between my ignorance and my ambition. My pride, the victim. I share this with you because I’ve done so with many people in my personal life who I perceived to have “figured it out,” with hopes they would show me the light, only to realize that I am not alone.

I urge you to listen to the ones you deem to be successful. The ones you find yourself emulating professionally, spiritually, personally, intellectually. Seek to find how they dealt with moments where they felt the wall was closing in on them -- their deepest darkest moments of doubt and self-deprecation. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there are people before us who’ve been tested and have made it out on the other side. But before you do this, here’s the one thing my 25 years on this earth has taught me: you are the one constant that matters. No matter what is going on within and around you, no matter how you feel, where you’re from, what they’re saying, your spirit is the most essential factor in your equation for success.

Ease your spirit, find others who understand your perspective, control your interactions with those who don’t. Challenge yourself when you can, protect yourself when you can’t. The one constant is you.