"N***as Ain't Sh*t"?

I have very little to complain about as a man, I represent oppression, of the patriarchal kind. The kind where women do not have control over their own bodies, even faking orgasms to comfort our bloated egos, oh yes many of us have been doing it all wrong. Aware of your burdens, I am:  sometimes our best isn’t enough and we should not be treated otherwise, that’s facts no argument here. But I wanna know, Queens, are all “niggas ain’t shit”? Like seriously though, while ya be knowing, your truth is not universal, generalizations can blind you to the brother right over there rocking the baldy with the neatly trimmed beard and a fresh pair of Timbs, Yurrrrrrr! I'm a good brother, not a “nice guy”, I'm giving maximum effort in being a whole ass person, complete with the emotional and mental capacity to treat you right, black Kenneth here! Please don’t lump me in with all those other sorry ass dudes, there's a lot of us that are just different, not saying special but different.  I respect the fuck out of y’all, y’all are the ones who are doubly oppressed, as well as burdened with pushing the diaspora forward. Shit is harder for black & brown women, like what H.E.R. be shouting, FACTS! I won’t argue that, however, why I gotta be “ain’t shit” though? Don’t do me like that, allow me to show you who I am first.  Let’s not put that energy out there just yet! I mean, I'm looking for that Love & Basketball type of love, I fucks with that 90’s R&B shit too. I’m out here for Somebody’s Daughter [follow that IG page, it’s straight fire!] I’m not a brother looking at you as property or conquest, I'm not here for plunder. Sis, you are regal, I'm trying to carry you to your throne. I’m trying to cut your toenails, see you with your wig off. Yet, such generalizations hurt your cause, which hurts our cause. Yeah, them dudes over there ain’t shit, but brothers over here we’re certified, recognize that possibility.

Now for another thorn in the side of my sistahs: Brah, God forbid I try interracial dating...don’t judge my swipes! I don’t think you can have it both ways, if I'm not shit don’t complain when I’m open to dating outside my race. I’m not even that brother either, so don’t even think it! I’m just open to love in all of its forms. Society has taught us to undervalue and sometimes disparage black women, so I definitely understand the plight, but me being open in my journey towards love does not diminish your greatness. Those two things are mutually exclusive. Don’t associate me with your “sunken place”  next to Kanye. That acting like your shit don’t stink, like you have never been part of the problem. That “I don’t date black women because”…whatever the reason is, it’s trash, poop, basura! Nonetheless, the way I look at life, is that you don’t always get the thing you want the most, but you get what you need. My idea of love has evolved, it’s way more flexible, in my opinion -- don’t @ me either -- you do you! Not everyone will find that Queen or King they’ve envisioned, I’ve been on that struggle bus, I came off two stops ago. With that said let me live, just know if a Queen pulled up, it won’t go unnoticed.

Being aware of the mechanisms that were carefully and divisively seeded within our communities to breed the hostility between many of us, that should cause us to pause, so you can ask yourself “why are all these niggas ain’t shit”?